Advice from a Caterpillar

This one goes out to all those people who have entered this new year as the same person as they were the last. I see you. I am you.



It’s funny how all these people come out of the wood work when you reveal something dramatic about yourself. I spent four years silent on topics I was so very vocal about. Silence speaks. But I guess most people don’t really listen, and now I’m left sifting through all these messages and emails trying to... Continue Reading →

On This Day

On this day I share my life with you. It is yours told hold until death do us part. But I hope that death visits us both at the same time, because life without you isn’t living. I hope that the universe will grant us that. Just like she granted us each other when we... Continue Reading →


Do I even deserve love? It seems like such a ridiculous question to ask. Of course I do. That’s what all the self-love poems say, right… But knowing that I deserve love and actually believing it are two different things. I’m kind of annoyed with myself. I’ve got this man who loves me unconditionally, and... Continue Reading →

An open letter to those who say I’m hurting…

An open letter to those who say I’m hurting… You are right. I am hurting. I have been for a long time—longer than you will care to recall. Longer than what fits into your narrative of my pain and what you think will fix it. Longer than you will care to contemplate where it all... Continue Reading →

Life’s Funny Like That

Sometimes life you leaves you crying, because it’s not what you thought it was. Things don’t go like you thought it would. Friends aren’t what you thought they were. Family isn’t what you thought they were. Dreams aren’t what you thought they were. But then you start laughing, because… hell… you look in the mirror... Continue Reading →


Have you ever noticed how easy it is for a man to criticize women? I used to work on a stock crew, and after I proved myself… Yeah, after I proved myself, this guy starts complaining about school and how he might have to take a women’s study course… He goes, “Women’s study is a... Continue Reading →


I'm back at it again, trying my hand at spoken word! I hate the sound of my own voice, so I always struggle to record myself... but!! This piece is really special to me, and I felt it deserved to be performed for you all. So, check it! And know that no matter what you... Continue Reading →

Seasons Change

Milkweed taller than my knees. Pollen covered jeans. Same old hoodie every day. Lightning strike t-shirt. Bare naked face. Do you remember when we were kids? Beanie babies on the ceiling fan. Watching movies. Playing games. Riding bikes. Calling you names. Do you remember when we were kids? Made up worlds, always at war. Video... Continue Reading →

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