Safe Space

When the world crashes in on me, I run to my safe space. When the pain is too deep, I run to my safe space. When I begin to question the very existence of my humanity, I run to my safe space. When it is all too much, I run to my safe space. It... Continue Reading →

Nationalism ╪ Christianity

I am so frustrated that I hardly know where to begin. You know when Alice fell down the rabbit hole and discovered that Wonderland wasn’t everything she thought it would be? You know that part where she is lost in the woods, crying and wondering if she will ever get home? That’s how I feel... Continue Reading →

Misty Mornings

There is something oddly beautiful about the mist that falls over the fields on a rainy morning. It’s light, airy presence carries so much gravity. As if to say, “I am here.” It is graceful in one context, yet deadly in another. No matter when I see it, I am filled with hope. Is there... Continue Reading →

Ten Things I learned When I left the Church

So, as promised, and as requested by some of my readers, I am going to share a few things I learned over the course of my first two years after I left the church. I have learned so much more on top of this list, but these are the first few lessons that I had... Continue Reading →


Emotions spilling from my veins Like blood from a slit wrist. They fall into a messy puddle Of words in my diary— Too fragile to see the daylight. If they’re lucky I view them by candlelight… But mostly in my dreams, Or in the weird man in the corner. I turn to see him, but... Continue Reading →

Wild Freedom

The earth speaks to me in ways I cannot explain. I feel its energy all around me. In the serene way the wind blows on the summer leaves, Causing them to shake delicately. In the call of the chickadee from the wild grape vines. In the red throated buzz of the hummingbird. In the gentle... Continue Reading →

Coming Out

I’m just going to come out and say it… This is the hardest thing I have ever written in my life, but it is the one thing that separates me from the freedom my soul is longing for. A few days ago, I read some articles that I haven’t been able to get out of... Continue Reading →

Taking Sides

Get excited! I’ve recorded another one of my spoken word pieces today! This one is really close to my heart. Remember how I said that I was having a heavy week? Well, this is in response to the things I’ve been carrying. The temptation to wonder who this is written about or what this is... Continue Reading →

A Series of Enchanted Events…

The past few days have been a little heavy for me. I am still trying to process a lot of thoughts. However, while I am in the middle of filming new spoken word pieces for you to hear, and decluttering these thoughts into something that won't sound like a crazy person's ramblings.... I thought I... Continue Reading →

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